Monday, 28 March 2011

Social Media Jerks

The absolute worst thing about any new medium is the mid-emergence jerks who dictate how to use it.

They are the losers who came to the party when most everyone is already tipsy and then started telling you how to play the drinking games.

I am absolutely over being told how to use, not abuse and to act loose in this new "social media".

They speak of "twittering" and claim to have "blogged it to Facebook". They count their followers and friends as some kind of quantification of their coolness.

It's sad to watch. They are quite pathetic and desperate to belong but also stand on the outer and legislate the behaviour of the sub-culture, based purely on observation.

Stop telling people how to act. Stop defining us like you're some kind of botanist in an undiscovered jungle.

You bore me. You can't sell me anything because you're a joke.

Go away.

Once this sub-culture went mainstream... there went the neighborhood.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I felt like this after IRC was taken over by ICQ abc then all the Messengers. Was therefore bored with Social before it had so-called gurus popping up to claim it ad their own. You're right, they should go away, they're a joke. They don't seem to get that the power of the community lies with the people who make it... We'll do as we will, for as long as we will, and their social strategy is just a social media gamble/stab in the dark because they can't read our minds!