Monday, 7 March 2011

Universe v You

There is a form of negative thinking that used to dominate my thought patterns. It is now so easy to identify that I find it impossible to follow it down the road to negativity.

The negative thinking consists of one single premiss - that the universe is a force that is countering or trying to negate your happiness.

The typical thought starts with words like "whenever something good happens, the universe kicks my arse" or "I'm never allowed to be happy" or "something always goes wrong".

I used to honestly believe that with every positive moment in my life, there came an equal but opposite negative and painful moment. As if I sat on the scales of Libra in the stars and rocked back and forward at the will of some unstoppable force.

If you think like this... stop. This is not what is meant by karma. There is no invisible flattening wave that waits for your good cheer and then pounces.
Now, if something bad happens, I look at what may have lead to it. It's usually things I can see in hindsight or the actions of others that are beyond my control.

This world view takes away that feeling of helplessness.

Shit is going to happen but so will good stuff. Like most seemingly random events that are the result of a million prior choices, they aren't necessarily related to each other.

No one and nothing is out to take your happiness from you. I promise.

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