Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Chinta Ria

After an overly long day at work, Giles met me outside my building and we walked across the Pyrmont Bridge to a very popular Malaysian restaurant called Chinta Ria.

The Chinta Ria buddha with offerings

The Malaysian hanging decorations that looked like squid

Giles waiting for food with his beer

Our entree

Parker’s Gems 8.6
Bite sized pieces of minced chicken blended with potatoes,
coriander, silver thread noodles and special spices – lightly
battered then snap fried. 4 per serve.

Golden Browns’ 7
Fresh wonton pastry filled with minced chicken, water
chestnut, black fungus and spring onions. Snap fried.
4 per serve.

Our mains

Hokkien Char 17
Soft cooked hokkien noodles gently simmered in a dark soy
sauce with slices of fish cake, rockling fillet, bak choy and

Assam Fish 24.5
Rockling fillets simmered in a delicious spicy tangy tamarind
flavoured sauce with tomatoes, string beans and pineapple

Coconut Rice

Me after dinner at the city end of the Pyrmont Bridge

Giles crossing George Street


Georgina said...

I've been there - that was some good eating.

Damana Madden said...

Quite a few people have told me that they consider Chinta Ria their favourite restaurant when they visit Sydney. I guess the Buddha makes it recognisable.

Next time you guys are in this hemisphere, drop by and we'll go there.