Saturday, 17 March 2007

Jen + Andrew's Wedding Party

Jen + Andrew were married the day before the wedding party. It was nice to see them so happy and to catch up with friends like Dean, Sharon + Cass that I had not see or spoken to in months.

Bish + her partner

More of Jen's friends

Nicola + man with beer

Everyone looked happy

Andrew's daughter Rhiannon + I

Giles + Karen and their fringes

Dean, Simon + Sharon

Now say "Jen and Andrew"

Jen was happy and that is the point

Lou, her sister + a lot of people I don't know. They look like DoD people

Sara sticks her tongue

Simon was in a lot of photos

Fi, Sharon + Dean

Angela + Giles

Jane + Jason point towards the happy couple

Andrew's son Christopher entertains a couple of guests

Andrew's family

Karen + Jimmy

"A party that is not extraordinary is unworthy of being a party at all" - Oscar Wilde

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