Sunday, 11 March 2007

The Domain Walk

One thing I dreaded when I started living in the middle of a large city (by aussie standards) was that I would not be able to enjoy long walks in the evenings. Sydney has surprised me. There are many beautiful walks around where I live and many of them without vomit and cars.

Giles and I like to walk around The Domain. Here are photos from a recent walk.

The place is aimed at pedestrians and there are many joggers, walkers and wedding parties

Giles and a bridge over a harbour somewhere

Cliche shot

The rocks around the Domain

Mrs Macquarie was the governor's wife. She walked out to this point each evening

Garden Island is a naval dock with dry docking facilities. The QM2 pulled up here

Russel's place at the end of the Wooloomooloo Finger Wharf

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