Friday, 9 March 2007

Unbroken Apple Peal

From my mother, I picked up the knack of peeling a green apple with a knife and not breaking the peel. The longest peel on record is 52.51m. This was not my achievement btw.

The lunch posse (Mei, David, Sanson + I) went to The Point (apparently this is our local) for lunch. Well, we are the "lunch" posse. Mei, Sanson + I got lamb shanks. Mei and Sanson because they like the lamb shanks with mash, and me because I had to try these damn infamous shanks. Unfortunately, they are now served with cous cous (not what I always giggle at when people say cous cous).

David was original in that he had a medium rare steak. Not totally original as that is what he got the last time we were eating here. Anyway. David proceeded to eat the steak and not the fat. That's normal in these days of health-consiousness and rolly-pollyness. The cool thing was that he cut all around the meat until the remaining fat was just one long strip. Like the apple peel but more animal and gross.

One long peel of beef fat

The star peeler. "No comment. Talk to my agent please."

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Sanson Lowe said...

I guess David would never have a Wagyu beef steak. I on the other hand...which is the reason why I am about 10kgs overweight!