Saturday, 31 March 2007

Sydney Botanic Gardens

On a fabulous walk through the Sydney Botanic Gardens and around The Domain and Circular Quay, we saw why this is a pretty city. I don't agree with the Witlams , I think she has a nice soul too.

Giles relaxing on a wooden bench in the gardens

There are thousands of fruit bats that live in the gardens. They spend all their daylight hours there and then fly off in to the suburbs to feed off fruit trees and flowers. At sunset, you can see them leaving the gardens all at once as a constant trickle heading south west across the sky.

The infamous bats

Watch out when you look up

The botanic gardens has a rare and endangered plants area near a slightly more defensive succulent garden. Both were beautiful. It was nice to visit many succulents like the ones I grew so successfully in frosty Canberra.

Beautiful pink bells

Spikey succulent

If you've read my post about The Bad Tree, you will be happy to know that there are pines of the same species wandering freely in the gardens. These pines are Wollemi pines and are as old as the dinosaurs. It's a nice idea to walk by plants that dinosaurs once walked by.

Don't fence me in

We stopped for lunch and a nice rose at the Opera Bar. Giles had the veal and I had my first order of fish and chips since coming to Sydney. The food was not bad at all. The sun burnt us a little. After this we continued on to the Rocks and saw the dig site they have unearthed under a 1970s carpark.

Let's play where's wally with that bridge that is in every shot

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