Saturday, 3 March 2007

Jen the Hen

Don't forget Jen's Fabulous Hens Night next Saturday,
3 March from 4pm-ish at [address removed]
*Dress Glam, wear dancing shoes!
*Bring a plate (of the high tea variety)
and some champa's or the like
*Bring a story or an object of special Jen-embued
and be prepared to tell the story!
-- from Karen (Jen's sister)

Now everybody say "Jen"

Jan's wedding present to Jen

More sitting and more talking along with more eating

Fi, Jane and Murray eat and discuss the association between Jane Austin and masturbation

Angela, Sam and Jan sitting on Jen's beautiful new red lounge

Sitting around the table of food. There was a lot of food!

Jen drinking bubbly strawberry wine and talking with friends

Jen and Andrew met at a quiz night that Lou had invited Jen along to. Andrew was the master of ceremonies. Giles and I heard this story and proceeded to refer to Andrew as "The Quizmaster" (use Darth Vadar voice). There were a few times when I had to stop myself from calling him that to his face.
Lou telling a brilliant story about the courtship of Jen and The Quizmaster

A story about Jen not informing ex-workmates that she was engaged

The inviation said "*Dress Glam, wear dancing shoes!" and Jane brought a pair along that she had inherited from a friend who moved overseas and had a tendency to not where a lot of clothes. Starting with Jen, we all tried on the shoes. Not a lot of walking or dancing was done in them but we all looked very hot.

Jane's dancing shoes

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