Sunday, 8 March 2009


My sister and her husband visited for three nights and four days, to help me reorganise and cope with my life after G left me. I thought it would be a sad time with lots of reminiscing but we ended up having a fabulous whirlwind tour of Sydney which included Taronga Zoo, Paddy's Market, Ikea buying and assembling and lots of other adventures. It was fun. They left yesterday. I miss them already and feel quite alone. My Dad is here now so I'll be ok.

My family are awesome!

Trina + Taylor on the Taronga Ferry as we leave Circular Quay

Drinking those brightly coloured drinks made of sago, with beads in them. Mei would be proud :)

Taylor holding a diamond head python. He wants a snake. uck!

The reptile house was the least fun of all

A heartbroken girl shopping at Paddy's Market

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