Thursday, 5 March 2009

Nine Inch Nails in Sydney

NIN played in Sydney last week. After 5 songs, all the power went out and we were left only with emergency lighting. I tweeted it straight away and found that so had hundreds of other fans standing in the dark wondering what was going on. The bar was closed at that point. Apparently, they took out the entire block. It took 25 minutes for them to get the power back. They followed that with a quick sound check and then another 90 minutes of fantastic live Nails. It was worth waiting around and I am glad that Jane convinced me to stay.

My friend Kellie and I ended up very close to the front. The pictures don't do our prime spot justice but the inability to hear in my right ear was proof.

They finished with Head Like a Hole and I dedicated that song to me for this point in my life. It suits me just right.

Last time I saw NIN was also at Horden Pavillion at Fox Studios. It was the night I came home and did the coding test for my ThoughtWorks interview. I remember that so well. G and I went to that one. This time was different and awesome. Next time they visit, I'll get closer and go deaf in both ears :)

On the walk home, I came across this sign...

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