Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Today is that day

As I sit here and listen to my Dad practice his violin, I remember that little girl who used to lie on her bed and read a book and hear him play so beautifully in another room of my parents house.

She had so much happiness and so many dreams. Anything was possible and everything was probable. There was study and learning all those exciting ideas and concepts. Then the career that she'd excel at and love to wake up to each day. There was a prince who would love her forever as they walked in to the sunset. There were babies and family gatherings. She also knew that there were things she couldn't even imagine but they would be amazing.

Today, not much has changed. I still have those dreams. Some have come to be - like loving my work and learning for life. I still read a book and lie on my bed and dream. My prince never came. My babies are kitties. My family is still here and they gather around. I found more friends than I ever thought I would and they are wonderful.

There are many amazing things to come that I still can't fathom yet. Today I feel like that little girl again and that is a good feeling :o)

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Irene said...

On some ways, you feel that you are still the same girl, but dont forget, that this girl right now, has grown so much. She's stronger, she has experience the bitterness of life, but came out of it like a bull. She has felt love, although it didn't mean to be. She fell, but stood up again. This girl right now, knows so much more thing about life now and will never and should never give up on the dreams.