Sunday, 15 March 2009

My Lowest Point

A friend told me that it's often easier to bounce back from bad times if you hit the very bottom and push off it. For me, that's how I see where I am now. There is only one direction from here and that is up.

Yesterday, it was a dark and stormy night and my taxi on the way to a friend's BBQ skid in to the back of another car. My taxi had bare bald tyres and couldn't stop when the need to break came upon us.

An ambulance ride to hospital, 4 hours in a neck brace, xrays and some morphine resulted in a piddly little diagnoses of whiplash. This morning I woke up from a 12 hour codeine induced healing sleep to a stiff torso and sore shoulders. I'm hoping the sore shoulders mean that I don't have spinal injuries. I do however have a cut on my toe that everyone missed. It keeps bleeding slowly but I've put a few band aids on it and it seems to be slowing down.

After 11 years and 5 months with my husband, he walked out on me. Left me in the middle of a 20 month stretch of depression. I've cried a lot and wondered what would happen next. He's gone and has no intention of trying to save our marriage. He's happy now and moving on without me.

Now it's time to pick myself up and move forward. I'm getting help for the depression. I have the best circle of friends and family, anyone could wish for. I have a great job. I have the ability to do anything in life I chose to do.

What's coming next? Health. Travel. Getting to know Damana. Love. The future.

This should terrify me but the terror is less than expected. I'm excited. I'm surprising myself. I'm looking forward to what comes next. I'm impressed with how strong I am. I am amazing.

Stay tuned to hear about chapter 3 in The Fabulous Life of Damana Belinda Madden. I hope to see you all in the next chapter :)

Bring it!

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