Saturday, 27 October 2007

All the Animals

On the road to and from Ooty, I had the best luck to see a few of India's famous animals. Our car managed to make a quick getaway from a family of grumpy elephants. That was so much fun. Monkeys, cows and goats are everywhere outside of the cities so they weren't a novelty after a while. It's still the best fun seeing all these animals that I wouldn't get the chance to see outside of zoos. Seeing elephants in the wild was amazing.

Bulls (male cows) are highly valued and a sign of wealth

A peacock heading away from the road wouldn't show us his full beauty

We had to park down the road from a group of elephants because they are grumpy in mating season

A closer pic using the zoom for safety

Unfortunately, this was the only tiger sighting

Indian deer grazing. This is taken inside a national park

A trained elephant inside the national park. This one didn't charge us

You have to be ready to wind up your windows to stop the monkeys getting onboard

Boars taking a walk. These are not attractive animals

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