Sunday, 28 October 2007

Bombay Post

A famous Indian movie is painted on the wall

To a lot of people including the Indians I hung out with, India is about food. My first dinner in Bangalore was spent at a fancy restaurant called Bombay Post. I broke the first rule about not eating seafood in Bangalore but I love fish curries. It was fantastic and alright in the end.

In Australia, when you go out you need only identify the vegetarians that are eating with you. Sometimes you have to tell them in advance so there is something there for the vegetarian or vegan to eat. In India, it's the other way around. You must say who is non-veg. If I could cook vegetarian food like this, I'd be a non-non-veg too :)

The guys and I waiting for dinner to come

The fish we ate before they cooked it

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