Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Let's Do Lunch @ Cantina Uno

Giles + I went to our second Let's Do Lunch at Cantina Uno in Darlinghurst. It's a whole 3 minutes walk from our place, even in impractical shoes. The girls out there know what I mean.

Cantina Uno looks like a tiny place from the outside but apparently it travels upstairs and is a great place for groups. On this day it was Giles + I and one of the Chapel brothers (on the table next to us).

Today they were serving the deboned spatchcock with caramalised onions, pancetta and French lentils. It was the most delicious bird I've eaten ever - including Christmas turkeys, peking duck from superbowl and chicken satays from the markets in Darwin.

The spatchcock stuffed with pancetta

There only let down was the wine. The white they were serving was the most inoffensive, talentless chardonnay in the history of my life. Please note, I am not a chardy fan and can't remember the last decade I drank one in. The wine didn't compliment or oppose the food. It was like one of those people who sits quietly in a discussion and adds only to the entropy of the room. It didn't taste bad. I just didn't taste!

The most boring glass of wine I have ever had the displeasure of meeting

The dessert was divine! I will return here some time just for that reason. It looked interesting, tasted brilliant and was the incarnation of all that is not that damn chardonnay.

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