Wednesday, 17 October 2007


For those of you who don't know, I've been going through the long and involved interview process that belongs to a company I had code named TorchWood. If you haven't guessed yet, they are ThoughtWorks.

The process was:
  1. submit a customised CV;
  2. 45 minute phone interview;
  3. 3 day coding test at home;
  4. an IQ test;
  5. logic test;
  6. personality "survey";
  7. cultural interview;
  8. whiteboarding technical interview;
  9. paired programming interview; and
  10. final interview with management.
This took less than two weeks and could have gone faster if I wanted it to. The process was enjoyable, challenging and fair. Today, I recieved the official offer from them and a t-shirt. It was the t-shirt and purple folder that made me say yes to their offer in the end :o)

Next week I'm off to Melbourne for a two day induction and the week after will see me spending two weeks participating in their Immersion process in Bangalore, India. Sounds a little like a cult :o) We call ourselves ThoughtWorkers.


Adam said...

Congratulations! That's sure going to be a cool company to have on your CV.

I had an interview today :-) Went OK. No t-shirt offered yet.

Colin said...

That is great news, congrats!

I really like the look of their offer. They actually get you to write code in the interview process and give you time to do it right? Looks like a company to keep an eye on.

Damana Madden said...

They are international. I'll let everyone know what it's like after three months and then I'm going to try steal you all from your jobs :o)

Anonymous said...

BTW, it is a cult. Make sure you drink the kool-aid. Welcome!

Unknown said...

I love the purple folder and I did tell Suzy that :0) Welcome to the team!