Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Every Man and His Blog

It might just be a stage I am going through at the moment (and that has been known to happen) but I am so over every blog written by geeks I know being just another bloody tech blog.

Of course I read tech blogs. My google reader is full of them but the ones I really like are a mix of tech and the rest of the blogger's life. The reason I prefer this is because you get to know the person behind the opinion. They aren't just code snippets and sweeping generalisations about the best language at the moment or the coolest life-changing framework for blah.

Recently I subscribed to Planet TW and have to say that after scrolling for while.......... a lot of the blogs seemed to merge in to another tech blog about Rails. It was a little disappointing since I was expecting to find out more about the outgoing, intelligent, IT climate changing ThoughtWorkers but mainly saw the intelligent tech side.

There were a few that stood out for me at first glance...
As a newly joined ThoughtWorker, I thought it would be cool to get my blog on to their blog aggregator but maybe not. This certainly isn't a tech blog and to be honest, I hope it never becomes that because that just isn't me.

I wonder if that makes me a little less of a ThoughtWorker than I thought I was. My kool-aid levels must be running low :o)

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