Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The Intervention

It was bound to happen some time. An intervention in to my drinking habits. Well it finally happened and it was by the Federal Government :)

G + I found the only Vintage Cellars in Darwin. It's on Cavenagh Street down near where Darby's nightclub used to be all those years ago when I was young and underaged.

We were shopping for Christmas day and after we'd collected most of their stock of Chandon and Belgian beer, we headed for the counter in search of Grey Goose.

While dismissing the ludicrous suggestion of drinking Belvedere Vodka instead, the guy serving asked for my license. I assumed it was for the large amount I was putting on my Amex but it wasn't. I asked if it was a "darwin thing" and the bottle shop guy told us it was due to the intervention. If you buy more than a measley $100 worth of alcohol or 4 casks of wine then they need to take your details and ask where you will be consuming it.

So there was an intervention into my drinking by the ex-PM. I just hope that I manage to skew the numbers so they count all those bad NT drinkers who drink champs, Belgian beer and French vodka :)

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