Monday, 17 December 2007


The best laksa in the world or at least that I've ever ever had is from Rendezvous. Over 15 years ago, there was a very popular laksa place that everyone in Darwin knew about. It made the best laksa in town. Tourist books mentioned it and "down south" papers reviewed it and raved about it. The owners decided one day that they were over making laksa and thought they'd sell up and buy a nice little French bakery in the Smith Street Mall. It would mean pastries and something different to laksa.

Darwin is a small place. The laksa addicts hunted them down and kept turning up at the little French bakery asking for their favourite laksa. The owners realised their witness-protection had been exposed and they went back to making and selling their delish laksa out of the French bakery. All for less than $10.

That is why you will find the best laksa in Australia being sold out of a cafe with a French name :)

My chicken laksa

Mekailaeh's beef rendang

Giles' chicken + pork laksa

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