Sunday, 16 December 2007

The Darwin Makeover

Darwin City has changed a lot since I was last here. The old Darwin Performing Arts Centre is now called the Darwin Entertainment Centre (DEC) and looks fantastic. The outside entrance area has a sheep shed look about it with lots of corrugated iron, red Australian wood and blue tiles. I had to stop when we were driving by just to take photos.

There is a lot of development going on in Darwin City now. The buildings suit the environment with their openness for airflow and bright colours. Mitchell Street is a highlight of the city and the rest of the place is filling out. I wish it was like this when I lived here all those years ago.

Looking down Mitchell Street from under the roof of the Darwin Entertainment Centre

A new building in the new Chinatown area on Smith Street

A red flagged carpark in Chinatown

More colour

Chinatown is coming

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