Thursday, 20 December 2007

Hey Sweetheart, please don't eat me

The Northern Territory Museum and Art Gallery is worth a visit. I manage to end up there every couple of years and it's entertaining and educating each time. It's not big but the taxidermists are pretty freakily good at what they do.

One of the famous exhibits here is Sweetheart - a large saltwater crocodile who liked to fish for fisherman. Maybe he was restoring the balance. Famous for attacking, flipping over and biting through tinny fishing boats through 1978-79, Sweetheart was killed when they tried to capture him in Finnis River. The rope wrapped around his muzzle got tangled and he drowned. He died before his time and when they examined him they found he was an active male crocodile with all the working bits. When they opened him up his stomach was packed with egrets, tortoise, fresh long-necked turtles and a big pig that the croc catchers had tried to use as bait to catch him.

He weighed 1114.27 kg and is 5.4m long. You can visit Sweetheart now in a not so scary situation. He was preserved not long after his death by taxidermist Ian Archibald.

Giles next to Sweetheart

You would not want to meet this croc in the wild!

Witchetty grubs taste like peanuts IMHO

Spiders you can find in Darwin

A boat from Asia on display at the museum

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